Dedicated Painting Contractors with Outstanding Craftsmanship

No painting is complicated nor difficult for painting contractors with outstanding craftsmanship. Whatever your painting needs are, whether commercial or residential, you will save not only money but also time once you pledge on a certified and trusted contractor. Check out the best and most qualified coating and painting contractors that are geographically near your place.

painting contractorsThe Painting Contractors: Painting All You Need

Based at the heart of Toronto, Canada, The Painting Contractors provides professional painting services and projects across Brampton, Concord, Cambridge, Kitchener, Mississauga, Vaughan, Oakville, the rest of Southern Ontario, and throughout GTA.

Our company specializes in restoring and repainting factories, warehouses, industrial buildings, manufacturing facilities, metal refinishing, and high-volume spray painting. It is also one of the top choices in restoring and refinishing the following:

  • ceiling
  • epoxy floor coating
  • building interior and exterior
  • Machinery
  • Silos
  • Walls
  • Tanks
  • Parking garage
  • Metal siding
  • Metal roof

As an industrial paint contractor, it also provides services to:

  • Manufacturing plants and factories
  • Storage tanks, metal siding, and silos
  • Industrial warehouses and facilities
  • Epoxy floors, metal ceilings, and walls
  • Equipment machinery and structures

Method and Equipment Utilized

The Painting Contractors considers all the processes involved in painting–surface preparation is one of them. Proper preparation of the surface is crucial in determining the longevity and success of a project. The company analyzes first the end of the surface and applies the best cleaning and preparation before coating up the paints. Among the surface processing methods it uses are:

  • hot/cold power washing
  • dry ice blasting,
  • abrasion
  • pressure washing,
  • chemical treatments
  • steam cleaning

As commercial paint contractors, The Painting Contractors is known for specializing in a high volume of spray paint. This service is considered an advanced and highly efficient quality, especially in difficult to access areas as well as 3D surfaces. It also uses conventional roller and brush techniques in cases when they are preferable or more efficient.

Lastly, as a professional and industrial paint contractor, The Painting Contractors has a legacy in providing services for industrial situations such as difficult to access interiors and high-rise exteriors. Its crews utilize durable aerial-lift platforms to reach even the remotest part of the facility. These techniques are practiced to finish their job properly and safely. All these services and projects are offered at low and discounted painting prices.

Servicing Projects for residential, industrial, and commercial painting

For 45 years, we have been dedicated to providing assistance and services to all its customers through projects in commercial, residential, industrial painting. The company’s painters exemplify the commitment to providing plausible craftsmanship, which is time-bound and budget-friendly.

What makes painting Canada more popular is its option on custom-tailored painting projects that maximizes the lifespan of the property subject to painting or coating. It ensures quality results from doing site inspection, cost-estimate, up to final inspection. With its years of services in the industry, we have made promising projects and satisfying results in all its industrial commercial, and residential painting processes.

How You Paint at Anything is Everything

Our dedicated commercial painting contractor believes in the philosophy that “how you do anything is how you do everything.” This philosophy drives the company to provide a top and undiminishing level of quality. The services that the company provides begin with their excellent customer service to the professional treatment of their project managers towards the customers. We pride its quality workmanship being provided by its highly trained and skilled craftspeople- a reason why loyalty of their customers has long been maintained.

Among the facility types of the company in Ontario are:

  • Residential Painting Contractors
  • Contractors Electrical Power Painting
  • Maintenance Painting Contractors Painting
  • Residential Painting Contractors
  • Contractors Commercial Painting Contractors