elastomeric roof coating

The use of an elastomeric roof coating can help to extend the life of your roof.

One of the most significant components of a house or other structure is the roof. It shields the inside from the elements, including wind, sun, snow, and rain. Your roof should act as a sturdy barrier between your building and the weather, and a roofing failure can result in thousands of dollars in damage and repair or replacement labor. Your investment and assets are influenced by the quality of your roofing system. Elastomeric roof coating is one approach to keep it safe.

An elastomeric roof coating is appropriate not just for new roofs, but also for older roofs with evident signs of deterioration. Roof coating can extend the life of your roof by 5 to 10 years and is far less expensive than replacing the roof, which can cost more than $5000 on a typical 1000 square foot house.

The fastest expanding segment of the roof refurbishment market in Canada is liquid elastomeric roof coatings. Roof paint not only waterproofs and protects the roof from deterioration, but it also lowers the building’s cost and energy efficiency. In this post, we will discuss the various types of elastomeric roof coatings, which one is appropriate for your needs, and where you can buy roof paint solutions in Canada.

The roof paint used depends on whether the roof is flat or sloped.

The type of coating you select for a roof project is determined by the roofing material and the roof’s slope. Flat and pitched roofs have distinct requirements, and various materials are appropriate for each. Windy, rainy, snowy, or sunny conditions each have their own set of requirements.

Pitched roofs allow for metal sheets, shingles, and tiling, which allows water and snow to drain more freely and reduces the chance of leaks. Tiling also offers the advantage of allowing for spot repairs, which means that correcting a leak may be as simple as replacing the tile. The goal of coating a tiled roof is to waterproof and protect the tiles from UV rays, therefore increasing the life of the tiles itself. One of the most essential characteristics of metal roof coating is corrosion resistance. In turn, a shingle roof coating should be antifungal as well as completely waterproof.

Elastomeric roof coatings

Flat roofs are more typical in commercial and industrial structures. Because they have a smaller surface area and so require less material, they are the most cost-effective roof shape. Because flat roofs pose a risk of leaking and pooling water, the primary purpose of coating them is to establish a waterproof barrier. On a flat roof, a roof coating is put over an existing membrane, which is typically asphalt or rubber.

Which Coating Do You Suggest Using?

TIOCOATTM is a super-strong elastomeric coating that provides the highest level of reflectivity and weather resistance. The strong white finish of TIOCOATTM provides resistance to abrasion, biological growth, filth, and adverse weather conditions. This adaptable roofing system is suitable for a wide variety of roof types, including BUR, Mod-bit, EPDM, concrete, and asphalt.

The TIOCOATTM elastomeric roof coating technique offers a seamless, homogeneous surface that remains flexible at low temperatures, resulting in a longer roof cycle. TIOCOATTM reflects 89 percent of solar radiation, considerably reducing a building’s energy consumption and aiding in the fight against the Heat Island Effect.

For a number of reasons, white roof coatings are utilized in numerous roof surfaces or membranes. White roof coatings, for example, protect against water, chemicals, and physical damage. Furthermore, white roof coatings safeguards a roof from extreme temps and UV rays by reflecting visible light and blocking ultraviolet rays.

White Roof Coatings?

TIOCOATTM white roof coating is made up of a polymeric binder and pigments and other additives, and it has the following two primary advantages:

For extended roof life cycles, protection of the roof membranes is necessary. To reduce the cost of air conditioning, reflectivity of solar radiation is needed.

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